TINTAUNITA is managed by a company in Japan, VitaNaturale Corporation,
which offers original daily products for all sensitive skin type.

concepts of TINTAUNITA
Oriental Method

Our concept is very clear and is based on the traditional
oriental methods in producing natural cosmetics.
The people of Oriental cultures have always respected
and appreciated the benefits of natural resources
applying them not only in the medicine but also in the
skincare routine.

For Delicate skin

Many Asian people have a very sensitive skin, so they are
always looking for new natural resources and essences.
Our products do not contain any artificial fragrances, instead the components of our products are carefully selected so as to achieve natural effects on delicate skin such as long lasting freshness and brightness.


The researches carried out by laboratories in Japan are very high in level and bring brilliant results in the updating newest methods for the creation of more efficient skincare products.
Our cosmetics are not only natural and safe, but are also very effective against stains, wrinkles and any other problems related to aging of skin.


Products of TINTAUNITA

Skin care

Daily skincare of TINTAUNITA helps to renew skin cells and to keep tour skin healthy and beautiful.

For a perfect everyday skincare we recommend you to follow these four steps:

1: Cleansing

To remove your makeup, according to your skin type, you can choose between

Aromatic Cleansing Oil
Aromatic Cleansing Oil -Cleansing Oil- based rice bran easily remover foundation and eye makeup. Contains vitamins and minerals. For all types of skin.

contains: rice bran oil
essential oil: yuzu (citrus), neroli


Aromatic Cleansing Milk
Aromatic Cleansing Milk -Cleansing Milk- gently removes makeup. Contains vitamins and minerals. For more sensitive skin.

contains: olive oil.
essential oils: neroli, orange

2: Purification

To remove impurities from your skin

Aromatic Soap
Aromatic Soap -Solid soap- purifies your skin from pores and prepares it for the recreation of new skin cells which will make your skin look brighter and healthier.

essential oil: tee-tree, lavender
contains: tea essence, carbon, collagen, honey, ceramide

3: Anti-aging and Moisturizing

Essence Water
Essence Water -Liquid- reduces stress damage of your skin. Hydrates and nourishes your skin.
Thanks to the components such as vitamin C conductors and fullerene, which are perfect to remove the "Active Oxygen" caused by stress and UV rays, your skin will be protected from aging.

aroma: rose water
contains: vitamin C conductors(APPS), fullerene, hyaluronic acid, licorice root extract, soy extract, brown alga extract, amino-acid complex

4: Anti-aging and Treatment

Treatment Serum
Treatment Serum -Cream- regenerates skin cells; protects delicate skin from external factors such as smog, UV rays, various allergies and irritations of the skin keeping it moisturized and healthy.
Thanks to components such as neroli, natural regenerator of the skin, and EGF (epidermal growth factor), mostly used in medicine for the recreation a new skin, you will see instant and visible anti-aging results on your skin.

essential oil: neroli
contain: vitamin C conductors(VC-IP), EGF(epidermal growth factor), soymilk extract, yogurt extract, collagen, hyaluronic acid, licorice root extract

Make up

The TINTAUNITA cosmetics for a long lasting bright and smooth skin.

Natural UV Protector Natural Liquid Foundation
Natural UV Protector Waterproof sunscreen, cream against UV-A and UV-B, contains argan oil and vitamin E.
contains: argan oil, vitamin E
Natural Liquid Foundation Liquid foundation keeps your skin fresh and luminous. Protects you skin from UV-A and UV-B.
essential oil: lavender
contains: EGF(epidermal growth factor), golden alga extract
Natural Loose Powder  
Natural Loose Powder Loose powder covers pores with light reflections. Keeps your skin fresh and smooth all day long.
contains: scualene
Organdy Form Net Soap case Stand Mirror Cosmetic box Mashumary Towel

Organdy foam net

Soap Case


Cosmetics box

Bamboo Towel
(85% cotton
15% bamboo)


Please feel free to contact us with any queries, comments or suggestions.

Tokuko Tajima
sales promotion department manager
E-mail: tajima@tintaunita.jp

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